Jubilee Announces Plan To Exit Azimio, Ahead Of Uhuru Resignation

A group of Jubilee leaders in Nairobi have made demands regarding their alliance with the Azimio la Umoja coalition.

They stated that they are unhappy with their current relationship in the coalition and thus wish to leave.

They claimed at a press conference in Nairobi on Sunday, December 11, that events in the coalition are not encouraging and that they want to leave.

Former Jubilee candidate for Makadara constituency Mark Ndungu was endorsed as the party’s new chairman by the group which calls themselves delegates in the city.

“We have witnessed bad leadership of the party in the city in particular and want to endorse Mark Ndungu as our new chairman to steer the party,” they said.

Ndungu, who accepted the new position in the party, stated that they are taking steps to exit Azimio and will collect signatures to ratify the plan.

“Many things have happened in the coalition which have upset us and that is why we want to leave. We must have mechanisms of leaving within 14 days,” said Ndungu.

He claims that the party is being shortchanged in the many agreements made, thus the need to quit.

He stated that Jubilee Nairobi desires the nomination of two officials to the party’s National Elections Committee.

They demanded regular consultations within the party in order to make it more vibrant and competitive.

Ndungu stated that they do not support the coalition leaders’ planned meetings because they are anti-business in general.

“We want to tell them the time for threats is over. We now have a new government that needs to be given time to deliver.”