Kabras Sugar Billionaire Jaswant Rai Released by Abductors

    Kabras Sugar chairman Jaswant Singh Rai has been released after unknown men abducted him in broad daylight on Friday, August 25 evening as captured on security cameras.

    His lawyer Kioko Kilukumi confirmed his release saying the abductors let Singh go on Sunday, August 28 adding that the businessman was shaken but fine and back with his family.

    Moreover, the billionaire businessman was abducted two days ago at the at the junction along Wood Avenue in Kilimani after unknown persons blocked his vehicle on Friday at around 4pm.

    In the CCTV footage of the abduction, four men are seen getting out of the pick-up and forcibly pulling the occupants of the billionaire’s car into their vehicle before speeding off towards Galana Road.

    The four men took off and left Singh’s car deserted on the road.

    Likewise, Kilimani police commander Moss Ndiwa stated that they received information from a member of the public on Friday that a vehicle had been left abandoned by the roadside in the area.

    “This forced traffic police officers to tow the vehicle to the police station,” he said.

    Nonetheless, the billionaire’s family filed a missing person’s report on Saturday, August 26 vide OB No 21/26/08/2023 at Kilimani Police Station, Nairobi.

    However, the police who are investigating the abduction are yet to know those behind the incident and their motive for abduction.

    Jaswant Singh Rai owns Raiply, Kabras Sugar and Uganda-based Sarrai Group. As such, other sources linked the abduction to rivalry in the sugar industry.

    According to the police report, the abductors have not yet made any contact to Singh’s family and no demand for ransom was made.

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