Kamiti Prisoner Barred From Exposing Rogue Cops

Written by Cyrus Kimanga  📝

A Nairobi court has thrown out a request from a Kamiti prisoner to record a statement naming rogue police officers who are assisting prisoners to fraud members of the public.

Patrick Amere who is currently serving life imprisonment in Kamiti maximum prison made the request on April 6, 2022.

The sitting magistrate at the said date directed him to rise the request today before the trial magistrate Micheni Wendy.

However, the trial magistrate today ruled that the request is not made in good faith since the convict is accusing police officers falsely of beefing up security at the said facility which is a requirement by law.

Further, the court ruled that Amere is using police officers as scapegoats. 

Currently, Amere faces another charge of defrauding an unsuspecting Ksh 800,000. The case was coming up for sentencing today.

During the sentencing, the court said that Amere is not remorseful for the offense and it seems he has nothing to lose since he is already serving life imprisonment.

He was therefore sentenced three years in prison to serve as a warning to other convicts.

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