Karen Nyamu: Iam the Most Misunderstood Woman In Kenya

UDA-nominated Senator Karen Nyamu is framing herself to the public as a ‘misunderstood’ woman.

Speaking during her recent live session, Nyamu came out as a vulnerable victim of circumstances saying she feels misjudged and has always been misquoted.

The mother of three says over time, netizens have refused to grapple with the realities of her love life consequently implicating her as an “infamous home wrecker”.

“I am the most misunderstood woman in Kenya. It’s not like I want y’all to understand me, It’s okay. I just love that I’m so real to myself, to my God and to everyone around me,” she said adding that she has already developed a thick skin for internet trolling.

Karen Nyamu was speaking about her marriage with Mugithi singer Samidoh where she boasted of being at the centre of what she termed the enduring love triangle that has held netizens in a chokehold.

Currently, though, Samidoh’s union seems to be troubled after his wife Edday Nderitu publicly announced she would not engage in a polygamous marriage following Samidoh’s involvement with Karen Nyamu.

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