Kenya cases subside, as Health ministry applauds ‘home-based care’ success

rashid aman

Kenya continues to record a significant drop in Coronavirus numbers, and high recovery numbers according to the health ministry – By Gerald Gekara

In his recent update, Health CAS Dr. Rashid Aman announced 271 new cases of the coronavirus, pushing Kenya’s total tally to 30,636.

In terms of gender distribution, 178 being males, and the rest are female. 267 of the new cases are Kenyans while 4 are foreigners. The youngest was identified to be a 1-month-old infant.

Dr. Aman announced thatĀ 208 patients hadĀ recovered in the last 24 hours, making 17,368 the total number of confirmed recoveries. Out of the 208, 161 patients were discharged from the home-based care, with 47 others discharged from various health facilities.

The CAS maintained that it was still too early to tell whether the dwindling numbers signified a flattening curve. He argues that the Kenya Medical Research Institute is undergoing a testing kit shortage, and Kenyans should be more worried about those who were dying.

“It is too early to make any determination that the curve is going down. Our tests fluctuate, partly because of limitations with our supply chain & testing kits. The strongest indicator is people who are hospitalized & those that die because of Covid-19,” he stated.