Kenyan Refugee Fights To Stay In Canada Before Deportation

    John Mulwa, a refugee from Kenya who has been living and working in Hamilton as a chef for the past eight years is being deported.

    Mulwa was surrounded by supporters and community members Monday afternoon as he met with Canada Border Services about the details of his deportation.

    He was told he has to come back in one week with a plane ticket for Kenya before the end of January. Mulwa says his end goal would be permanent residency.

    “I can’t say it’s good news or bad news, I’ll say it’s news. Let’s just wait for the 19th but we are hoping for a positive answer,” Mulwa said.

    The 39-year-old says it’s not safe for him to go back to Kenya and he fears for his life, “I’m already starting to get depressed I’m going through a lot.”

    Mulwa’s lawyers have been working on his residency status for the past few years, but they say sometimes the immigration process can be very challenging for someone who is new to the country.

    Mulwa’s lawyers say they will be perusing other legal options over the next couple of weeks including asking the government to discharge his removal. Mulwa has also applied for residency status on compassionate grounds.

    Mulwa will return to Mississauga on Dec. 19 with his lawyers to meet once again with Canada Border Services. This time with a plane ticket, but he’s hoping he won’t have to use it.