Kenyans applaud Little known company Debroso, for averting a tanker explosion

A fireman cleaning up Thika Road after a tanker overtuned | PHOTO COURTESY

A Ksh. 1 billion contracts awarded to little known Debroso Construction Company Ltd was put to test on Monday 14th October, after an alarm over an accident along Thika Superhighway hit the interwebs.

A fuel tanker had lost control and overturned near the Kenyatta University, causing a snarl-up that stretched across the busy 12 lane highway.

As the locals were grappling with what they could possibly do to save the situation, firetrucks, ambulances could be seen from afar advancing towards the crash site.

Debroso company then cordoned off a perimeter and began preventive measures that cushioned tragedy from striking. The firefighters brought out their anti-fire equipment and managed to contain the incident.

Kenyans took to social media to applaud the Kenyan based company for its actions.

Debroso Construction company will be expected to maintain the Nairobi-Ruiru section of the highway, keeping it under 24-hour surveillance for two years, according to tender details made public by KeNHA.

Debraso excavators uncloggs drainage near Kahawa Garisson. | Uzalendo News

The firm on Monday night opened up drainage channels on Thika Super Highway. It repairs broken railings, cleans the road, repairs potholes and carpets the road whenever the need arises.

The firm also works with the Kenyan Police to clear accident vehicles from Thika Highway.