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Friday, September 17, 2021

Kenya’s moral police, Dr. Ezekiel Mutua blames Kenyans for rotten morality

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BY FAITH MUTETE – When KFCB talks about the importance of regulating content and people frustrate our efforts why are we shocked when our kids are being fed with poisonous content? Guys we have a problem.

Kenya is at the cliff. We need a national conversation on moral values. No society mocks God and prospers. No country glorifies evil and makes socio-economic development. No country with the unprofessional media like Kenya makes any meaningful progress,”

“Moral values are the basis of national development and societal stability. The kind of media our kids are being exposed to whether online, TV, Radio or print media will shape their values. We must go back to the basics and have a national conversation on moral values. Let’s do it for our kids and our future. Say no to dirty content!”

These are words uttered by Ezekiel Mutua as he blames citizens of Kenya after a primary school oy made headlines over the abusive video he sent his friend.

Dr. Mutua blames Kenyans for staying silent as leaders and people of influence throw vulgar language at each other and trend by doing so.

He also blames Kenyans and leaders who try to shut him down every time he tries to ban media content that is not appropriate for viewing.

He says all this still having hope that things can change only if conversations about morality were held and encouraged.

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