BY FAITH MUTETE – Following the recent theatrics of the now-famous pastor James Ng’ang’a, founder of Neno evangelism center, Ezekiel Mutua has been on a pastor hunt and wants to have a sit down with the pastor who he claims he has mutual friends with.

The pastor has been making headlines of late with different stories but Ezekiel says that his theatrics will not be the reason as to why he has come this far.

Through an interview, Ezekiel states that he has notified the authorities and he is currently looking for him.

He warns the pastor against doing anything extreme on Tv saying that people will only come to church because they seek drama and no one want to attend boring sermons, however, despite his words the online family in twitter are not buying the fact that the moral cop is unable to fiend pastor Ng’ang’a.

Ezekiel says that as much as the government cannot control churches, the government will not allow Kenyans to be coned.