Kiambu School Expels Student After She Attempted To Suffocate Her Dorm Mate

    A school in Lari, Kiambu has expelled one of its students who is accused of suffocating her dorm mate while she was asleep.

    The student, who is in form three at Precious Blood Kagwe Girls High School has been informed of the decision to expel her following a board meeting that took place on September 7.

    According to the board, the incident happened on the night of July 19 at 1:20am in the morning.

    “Following a full board meeting where the matter was heard in your presence and with your contribution, the board resolved to recommend to the County Education Board to consider exclusion of (name withheld) from this school for her safety and that of other students,” reads a letter from the school to the girl’s parent.

    “In the meantime she is advised to await communication from the County Education Board,” says the letter.

    Last year five students from the same school who attempted to set the school’s laboratory ablaze were arrested.

    Police said the suspects skipped the evening preps and sneaked into the laboratory and tried to set it on fire using papers.

    Lari subcounty police commander Stephen Kirui said the teacher on duty and the school watchmen noticed smoke and went to check what was happening.

    The police boss said the fire was however quickly put out before it spread and caused damages.

    Kirui said the school administration called the police who arrested the girls.

    The five include two Form 4s, a Form 3, a Form 2 and a Form 1 .

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