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Kilifi Governor Praises Kilifi MCAs for Passing the BBI Bill

Kilifi County Assembly on Friday passed the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI)after tabling it on the floor of the house. The county is among the nine (9) Counties that did not meet the Super Tuesday deadline this week. – By Ramadhan Kambi.

All the 55 Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) unanimously voted in support of the bill and its passage now ends a vigorous seven ddays grassroots Public participation exercise conducted in all the 35 Wards. 

All the 55 Members of County Assembly voted in support of the Bill after the bill was subjected to public participation as enshrined in the constitution. By the time of passing the bill on Friday afternoon, Kilifi was trending number two on Twitter with its hashtag #KilifiGoesSupperBBI. 

The bill was taken to all the 35 wards where the people had a chance to read the document and them unanimously supported it before it was tabled at the assembly. 

With the passing of the Bill, Kilifi county now joins Mombasa, Kwale, Lamu, Taita Taveta and Tana-river counties who have since passed the document. However, Kilifi was trending as the county that held a public participation exercise as the constitution stipulates before the Bill was tabled before the assembly on Friday.  

Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi in his Facebook post, moment after the MCAs passed the BBI Bill, thanked the People of Kilifi County for coming out in large numbers to participate in the public forums as a Constitutional requirement. 

“The goal of the Building Bridges Initiative is to resolve Kenya’s perennial problems of inequality by devolving more funds to grassroots for shared prosperity, address Kenya’s adversarial politics, unresolved historical injustices and a healed a polarized society,” the governor said. 

Kilifi residents were also upbeat after the passage of the bill with some of them saying that signals a new and bright future for the region. 

“Finally, we have passed the bill and closed the mouths of those who have been crisscrossing the region telling lies to the people that it had no benefit to Kenyans. I want to challenge them that we went through the document and the benefits are immense, starting from the Blue economy aspect and the increase in resources that will be allocated to counties. It’s a win for Kilifi and a win for our country,” said Kibibi Ali, the chairperson of Kilifi Mums organization, moment after the BBI was passed by the assembly in Malindi. 

The MCAs passed the bill at a time when Orange Democratic movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga is expected at the Coast next week for a number of sensitization meetings about BBI. He will be in Taita Taveta, Mombasa and Kilifi Counties. 

BBI is seeking to improve the access to resources of the common mwananchi at the grass root level by strengthening devolution both materially and structurally.  

One of the recommendations of the BBI is to increase the resources to the Counties upto 35 per cent of the last audited accounts. 

Furthermore, the members of the County Assembly (MCAs) will now be the ones to oversee bursaries if the BBI report is adopted.