Kilifi: Teachers Demand Inclusion In County Services

Teachers in Kilifi county now want the devolved government that will come into power to consider them in various fields of their expertise.

The teachers ranging from Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary education spoke during a consultative meeting with  Kilifi ODM governor candidate  Gideon Mung’aro.

Among their issues is a demand for a good working environment from his administration if he is elected the next governor.

 “Most of these teachers, especially those from the ECDE category work as volunteers or just on short-term contracts a situation that is not dependable to their families,” said one of the teachers in attendance.

Ganze sub-county ECDE in charge Alex Yaa said that most of their children work long distances to school and even some of the few schools available lack proper classrooms for their children to learn under.

“We have a case scenario where at least 30 schools within Ganze alone ECDE children learn under trees. That situation poses a big challenge for both the teachers and learners,” she said.

Mr Yaa said also that, the outgoing county government had put an employment scale of only recruiting ECDE teachers once in five years which has seen most schools have a shortage of teachers.

“Our prayer is that once you get into that office, then change that policy and at least have ECDE teacher recruitment annually to cut the deficit,” he said.

Marsdeen Vinani, the Bamba zone branch executive committee KNUT official, echoed similar sentiments saying that majority of their teachers lack nurseries to pursue further studies.

“Teachers sometimes are faced with the burden of taking their children to school and also seek to further their studies to advance their academics but most of them fail due to lack of fees. Kindly work on the same,” he said.

Ganze MP Teddy Mwambire urged the teachers to observe patience and believe in their administration once they get into power.

“We know the challenges you are going through but rest assured we shall work around the clock to make sure your grievances are addressed,” he said.

Mr Mung’aro assured the teachers of a fair share of their professional demands once he forms the next government.

“We know that ECDE teachers have been looked under but my regime will consider promotions, bursary to both children and teachers seeking to advance their education so as to help develop big working academicians within the region,” he said.

The ODM candidate, however, maintained his commitment to have teachers considered in his administration where his running mate Flora Mbetsa Chibule is a teacher who specialized on Early Childhood Education.

“I am already in talks with both Kilifi Teachers Sacco and Imarika Sacco to start a housing project for all teachers either retired or practicing,” he said.