King Charles III At The Beach; Tours Conservation Projects

    King Charles III visited marine conservation sites at Nyali beach in Mombasa, southeastern Kenya on Thursday.

    The monarch officially sought to learn more about the work of local organizations such as the Kuruwitu Community Welfare Association.

    The group, which was established in 2003, aims to protect the area from overfishing, climate change and uncontrolled coral collection.

    It therefore launched a coral restoration project.

    Charles received a demonstration on the process of coral gardening, the production of artificial coral restoration structures, and coral ‘plugs.

    He also saw how organizations are cleaning up the Indian ocean and using plastic waste to build items including desks.

    Speaking to The Association Press journlists marine conservation expert Neville Agesa was hopeful the monarch’s visit would be a “boost to marine conservation efforts by the community” and encourage local politicians to opt for “real action.”

    A youth group that educates young people about marine conservation awarded the king a badge recognizing his environmental advocacy. 

    Earlier in the day, the British royal couple watched as Kenya marine demonstrated a covert beach landing.

    They will wrap up their 5-day visit to Kenya on Friday (Nov. 03).

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