Kuria to Kambas: Back “next President” Ruto

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria |PHOTO: Courtesy

Maveric Gatundu South Mp Moses Kuria has urged the Kamba community to support  William Ruto”s bid in 2022 to avoid being in the opposition.

Speaking during a harambee at Kaiti constituency, Kuria said those supporting Raila Odinga are headed to the opposition, because that is where the former PM belongs.

He urged President Kenyatta to retire with Raila in 2022, describing the former Premier as  Uhuru’s witch doctor.

“We are fed up with Raila and his antics. Let him retire with his brother Uhuru, who he serves as his political witch doctor”, Kuria said.

The maveric Tanga Tanga foot soldier appealed to President Kenyatta to stop pushing the Raila Odinga agenda to the people of Central Province.

Kuria said the people of Central province loved Uhuru, but were against the Raila project at all costs.

He said the BBI initiative was a waste of political time, but said Parliament or the referendum will deal with it decisively.

Kuria said the cash being spend on the useless BBI talk should be utilised in the Big Four project, which is more important to the people of Kenya.

Kuria said nothing Raila touches will ever benefit this country.