Ganze MP Teddy Mwambire has assured the residents of maximum opportunities in enhancing education standards in the constituency. Ganze constituency is in Kilifi County. – By Ramadhan Kambi.

The MP spoke after joining other education stakeholders and top Ministry of education officials on the Kenya Secondary Education Improvement Project (2017 – 2023) sensitization program at the Ganze Boys Secondary School. 

In an interview with Uzalendo News, the legislator said his hope and vision is to see a region where education comes in as the first priority in supplementing the better lives of the community. 

 “My focus is to make sure that Ganze constituency maximizes all the available opportunities in enhancing education standards. It is in this program where our children joining secondary schools from very vulnerable backgrounds will be fully sponsored (for the 4 years in secondary school) by the World Bank through the Equity Bank of Kenya under the supervision of the Ministry of Education in what is called “The Elimu Scholarship Program,” he said. 

In 2019, Ganze got 103 vulnerable students who were sponsored with this year, 95 students will be joining secondary schools under the program. 

The numbers he said reduced following several factors that included the number of students who sat for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education in the year 2020 (which was done early this year).  

“In  improving our performance further, two distinct stakeholders meetings was proposed in the course of this month where it will be resolved that all Board of Management and Parents Teachers Association teachers across the constituency must be well trained and process TSC numbers,” he said. 

The process is meant to aid all the youngsters fully sponsored and those aided through bursaries under the Ganze NG-CDF Bursary Scheme get an opportunity to give back to the society by teaching in most of our public schools as they wait to be absorbed by TSC.  

“Ganze has so far trained enough teachers to cover the deficit in all our primary schools across the constituency and a good number will be graduating in the secondary schools this year and most subjects will be have enough teachers too which is one of the special tailored Ganze NG-CDF Full Sponsorship Program,” the MP said. 

Mr Mwambire who is also the Coast Parliamentary Group (CPG) Secretary said told the people of Ganze to walk and work together wholeheartedly. 

“We shall achieve the desired improvements in our schools. Good results can always be realized by all the stakeholders resolving to walk together regardless of their peculiar differences,” he said.