Let’s not oppose BBI without giving out an alternative, says Kingi

Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi has told those opposing the Building Bridges Intiative (BBI)  to give alternative inputs to the document. Speaking at Sarova White sands hotel in Mombasa where he is attending the Governor’s meeting on Universal Health Care, Mr Kingi said he was amazed by those opposing the BBI report yet they have not read it to understand its content fully.

 “I think the most important thing is to go through the document and understand it. Then where one needs to give their inputs can do so but not opposing it and then without offering any other alternative,” he said. He said that although Kenyans gave their views in millions, not all views were captured, meaning that there can still be some inputs.

“Some of the issues we are looking at is how devolution is being addressed in that report. We are focusing on whether BBI will bring about development at the Coast or otherwise. When we sense that there are some challenges then we have to give an input over the same,” he said.

He said Kenyans must ask themselves that after the BBI report is out, what is to be changed or what should be their input be.