Magarini Family Gets Strathmore Scholarship Amid Poverty

A Magarini family in Kilifi County that their poverty had stopped their kin from joining high School and university can now sigh with relief.

This is after the kins got a scholarship to study at Ngala girls and prestigious Strathmore University respectively. 

The family of a former Agricultural officer Erastus Ngumbao from Kaembeni area who lost his job in 1996 and got into depression can now afford a smiling relief as the education of their kin would be catered for fully after their story was highlighted in the media early this month. 

Mr. Ngumbao Peter Erastus 21 who scored an A-minus in KCSE got a full scholarship at Strathmore University in Nairobi while his sister 16-year-old Leah Erastus shall join Ngala Girls Memorial School next month. 

Early this week, Erastus did an interview with Strathmore University in Mombasa and shall be reporting to Nairobi next week to begin classes. 

Many Kenyans were touched by their plight after it was highlighted by the media and offered to support. Some are even still calling to date to support the family. 

Erastus’s mother Zawadi Charo who had given up on his children’s education was in all smiles as she could now see light at the end of the tunnel. 

In an interview she thanked God for the support she has received ever since the story was highlighted as her children will now be able to go to school. 

She also thanked Mambrui Secondary school principal Halima Omar for supporting his son by offering four-year scholarship at the institution where he managed to score an A-minus. 

“All this happened because of the efforts done for my son until he excelled in high school, the other child will also go to high school so am very happy I thank God for that,” she said. 

Ms Charo said the response was overwhelming as each person who was calling wanted to sponsor while another one said he had already paid fees at Ngala Girls high school in Dabaso Kilifi north. 

She is also hopeful that her house will be built by the sponsors who are catering for her children’s education. 

Mr Erastus the third born in the family said he was in Mombasa for the first time when he went for the Interview conducted by Strathmore University and will also travel by train for the first time to Nairobi. 

“When you came, we thought it was a joke when we shared our plight but after you left, the first person to get support is my sister who had completed class eight, now she is going to Ngala, fees were paid, shopping is going to be done,’ he said. 

He thanked a local newspaper which its story he said was read by many people including Kelvin Muchemi who is in charge of the scholarship program who begun looking for him and offered him the scholarship. 

Erastus will however not go to study Bachelor of education as he wished as Strathmore university does not have the program but will go and study accounts CPA for one year and Bachelor of commerce for three years 

He promised to work hard to excel and make sure he helps his family and ensure life transform for the better. 

“I really thank Strathmore University because I was in darkness but now, I can see light ahead, I promise them that I will work hard and God willingly I will perform and come out with first class honors,” he said 

Leah Erastus the fifth born the family who wept during the first interview was also full of joy as her dream of joining high school has been fulfilled and could not speak much but thanked the sponsors and all those who offered to support her. 

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“I will work hard and ensure that I pass with an A minus when I complete my high school just like my brother,” she said. 

Halima Omar principal Mamburui secondary said she shed tears of joy when she got the call from Strathmore University as she could not believe it could happen. 

She said both children shall now be able to study in good schools. 

“I know Strathmore is a prestigious University known all over Kenya and Africa, and I was happy and thanked God and Muchemi, together with the Strathmore university fraternity for offering the boy a scholarship,” she said. 

Omar also thanked the journalists who highlighted the story of the family that was living in agony. Their story attracted many well-wishers. 

*This article was written by Ramadhan Kambi for Uzalendo News. 

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