Malaa PCEA Shut Down After Pastor Allegedly Steals All the Funds

    A basket being passed around at a Methodist Church in a South African township to collect donations.

    Irate members of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa in Malaa Kangundo road have closed the church for two weeks after the reverend allegedly squandered all the money in the church coffers.

    According to the faithful, Reverend Moses Muiruri Kariuki has been using money from church coffers meant for church construction for the past year.

    Congregants have also accused the Reverend of immorality, claiming that he has made advances toward church members on several occasions when they visit his office.

    The faithfuls approached the Reverend through their church representative in September of this year to table their complaints, but their complaints have not been investigated since then.

    According to the congregants, they have also written letters to the headquarters Parish, but their complaints have not been addressed.

    The congregation has been holding fellowship outside the church compound for two weeks. They now want the Parish to hear their plea and resolve the matter.