Man Barred From Burying ‘Lover Niece’

A Trans Nzoia court has blocked a man who fell in love with his sister-in-law’s daughter from attending her burial. 

Andrew Barasa had gone to court to have Judith Nafula buried, claiming they were lawfully married.

However, a Kitale judge has prevented Andrew from interring the remains and has ordered him not to attend the ultimate send-off for the lady he had referred to as his wife for years.

Andrew, accompanied by his wife Rose Nangekhe Maibo (late), went to console Jane Nangila (his sister-in-law) when her husband died in 1992.

He asked Nangila for permission to accompany her daughter (Judith Nafula) to Kitale with the promise of finding her work to support the family, which Nangila granted.

Andrew and Nafula were revealed to be in a romantic relationship months later.

They lived until the deceased was discovered missing on October 18, 2022. Her corpse was discovered in a river.

Nangila and her brother John Barasa Konya were named as the first and second respondents in the case, respectively.

Nangila and her brother’s family barred Andrew from burying Nafula just as the funeral arrangements were about to begin.

The move led Andrew to seek an injunction allowing him to perform the funeral.

He claimed that Nafula was his genuine wife, for whom he had even paid a dowry.

However, it was discovered that Andrew never paid dowry.

The court further ordered that the deceased’s body be released for burial from the Mt Elgon district hospital morgue.