Man Charged With Stealing 107 TVs

A man Charged with stealing at Aetlantiq group limited to spend night in police custody.

Aman Mohindra was arraigned before Milimani Law courts where he was charged with obtaining goods by false pretences contrary to the Law.

According to the police report,  Mr. Mohindra defrauded Aetlantiq Limited 107 pieces of Smart bass televisions valued at Ksh 4,706,000.

It is alleged that he approached Sameer Gulamabass Hussein, the director of the said company on diverse dates between January 17 and January 20, 2022 where he obtained the television sets by falsely pretending that he would pay.

He however disappeared into thin air after receiving the goods, an action that forced the company’s director seek Law enforcement redress. 

Appearing before Magistrate Esther Kimilu, the accused denied the charges and he was released on a bond of Ksh 2m or a cash bail of Ksh 500,000. 

The case proceeds on May 10,2022.

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