Man Denies Stealing A Baby In Kibera

A man was arraigned in court over accusations of stealing his neighbor’s one-year-old child. The mother of the minor had gone to the water point to fetch water leaving her child unattended when the accused person contemplated a business of the vulnerable child.
Emmanuel Otieno Ochieng, the accused, was charged before Kibera chief magistrate Ann Mwangi where he refuted the allegations.

The offense was allegedly committed on July 29 at the Olympic area in Kibera, within Nairobi County, according to the charge sheet. At its mother’s door, he discovered the child.

The accused was seen with the child at a bus stop, where a good Samaritan found him; he was unable to explain how he came to be with the child.
Through his attorney, the defendant pleaded for a short bond period.

Rono assured the judge that the defendant was not a flight risk and was prepared to follow all court regulations.
She further explained that the accused can be treated as a first offender because he has no prior criminal records.
He was freed by the magistrate on a Sh200,000 bond or a Sh100,000 cash bail.