Man Steals Laptop From Lover, Gives It To His ‘side chic’ 

A Nairobi resident was accused of taking his girlfriend’s laptop worth Ksh25,000 and shoes and giving them to his other lover.

The two females consented to be added as prosecution witnesses to testify against their lover in the case filed at the Makadara Law Courts.

According to one of the ladies, when she came home from work, she found her house ransacked, and some items, including an ATM bank account missing.

The lady was perplexed since her neighbors could not aid her in tracing the suspect because they were not aware of the break-in.

She stated she had previously gotten notification from her bank that someone had attempted to use her ATM card.

According to the second lady, the accused went to her house with the stolen items and offered them to her as a gift in order to strengthen their love bond.

She, on the other hand, protested the fact that the shoes were too small for her.

He however denied all the charges against him before Principal Magistrate Gathogo Sogomo and was released on a bond of Ksh 50,000 with an alternative cash bail of Ksh 30,000.