First Lady Margaret Kenyatta has called on stakeholders in the education sector to broaden their scope in training so as to open up the minds of their students in tandem with the modern world.
She said the current generation of young people need to be helped to accomplish their dreams in the highly competitive world by equipping them with appropriate knowledge, skills and confidence.

“It is widely acknowledged that today’s education systems should be preparing our children for an entirely different world from which we, as parents, experienced,” said the First Lady.

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta was speaking today at Brookhouse School-Runda campus during a ceremony to officially open the school’s library and commissioning of a scholarship programme.
During the ceremony, top candidates in the 2017 and 2018 Kenya Certificate of Primary Examinations Goldalyn Tanga and Olive Wachira were awarded the Margaret Kenyatta Scholarship for their secondary education in the school.
The First Lady said Kenyan youth require teachers who can help them explore their entrepreneurial imagination and creativity so as to chart their future successfully.

“Our youth need to perform in a diverse and highly competitive world, which is typified by fast advancing technology and innovation,” said the First Lady.

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta therefore, called on learning institutions to increase investments in schools so as to equip children with the necessary skills and knowledge to enable them compete with their global peers.
Noting that instilling a reading culture in students is an integral part of the learning process, the First Lady said the newly inaugurated library at the school, named after her, would help to inspire that culture, as well as cultivate minds of wonder and curiosity among the students.

“I hope it will also motivate our children to be willing to take chances and calculated risks that eventually enable them to chart their own paths to the future,” said the First Lady.

She commended Brookhouse for taking a global approach in developing and moulding its students to become global citizens, while at the same time honouring the culture of the host country Kenya.

“Your multi-cultural environment embraces diversity and tolerance for one another. I congratulate you for your membership into the international networks namely the G20 and Round Square,” the First Lady said.

She pointed out that the multi-cultural environments and broadmindedness are key in instilling global ideals such as humility, courage, tolerance and compassion needed for success.
“You have been taught to live with diverse people. I believe you have been prepared to do just that, these will be the attributes that will impact you later on in life, long after you have left the school,” said the First Lady.
Speaking during the function, Education Cabinet Secretary Ambassador Amina Mohammed commended the First Lady for being an encouragement and inspiration to Kenyans through her selfless service.

“Your leadership has changed the lives of millions of Kenyans and will continue to positively impact on many generations to come,” said the Education CS.

Brookhouse School Director, John O’Connor described the First Lady as a resolute person who has captured the hearts of Kenyans through her steadfast commitment through philanthropic activities such as the Beyond Zero Initiative.