Matatu Fares To Increase By Ksh30 And Ksh50 In Nairobi After Fuel Price Hike

Following the recent increase in fuel prices, the Matatu Owners Association (MOA) announced a 40-50 percent fare increase for Kenyans.

According to the association, fares for areas surrounding Nairobi and its metropolis will rise between Ksh30 and Ksh50 during peak and off-peak hours.

Furthermore, in order to capitalise on the rates, the timelines for charging these amounts will be extended.

Brendan Marshall, traffic coordinator and senior MOA member, told local media that the sharp increase in fuel costs has a ripple effect on other commodities, forcing them to re-evaluate their pricing structure.

For instance, a matatu that initially charged Ksh100 during peak hours will now charge between Ksh120 or Ksh150. We will also extend the peak hours which previously lasted from 6:00 am to 8:00 am, and will run up to 10:00 am,” he said.

“In the evening, the peak hours will begin an hour earlier and start at 4:00 pm and last till 7:00 pm. During this time, the fare will cost around Ksh150. After 7:00 pm, the fare will remain a constant Ksh100.”

Marshall also stated that during off-peak hours, fares will be raised by Ksh30 to Ksh50, which means that if a matatu was charging Ksh50, it will now charge Ksh70 or Ksh80.

He added that the move is intended to protect their business from the negative effects of the fuel price increase.

“This will cause a rift between us and our workers, because at the end of the day, targets need to be met. Most of the times, the cars are purchased on loans so the banks expect their cut, the owners expect their cut as well, so it’s high time we hike the prices.”

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“At the end of the month, we have to pay insurance premiums, city council averaging Ksh7,000, traffic officers also expect their cut, so this is a dire situation that needs to be addressed.”

He stated that the new prices would be implemented immediately, and that the matatu sector would not be given a grace period to adjust to the new prices.

“As from today, since the fuel prices came into effect midnight. We did a spot-check and found that some petrol stations were hoarding fuel at around 9:00 pm yesterday so that they adjust new prices so we cannot give a grace period,” he said.

He advised passengers to make use of off-peak fare rates and also use public transport only when necessary to cut down on costs.