Matiang’i to launch firearms clean up after rampant killings

Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Security has launched a firearms cleanup process to target illegal gun owners.

While speaking at an African Union summit on Tuesday, September 8, CS Dr. Fred Matiang’i detailed his plans to institute an amnesty month where illegal arms owners will be able to surrender their weapons without arrest. 

Matiang’i also pledged his support to the union in taming the continental arms deal, said Kenya is restructuring the country’s firearms licensing regime.

“Our responsibility first is to the Kenyan people and we shall ensure that we protect them at all cost,” Matiang’i said.

The announcement comes amid a case pitting controversial businessman Chris Obure in the murder of one Kevin Omwenga. His gun was allegedly used by his body guard to kill the 28-year-old, in an upscale Kilimani apartment.

Chris Obure has had his gun license revoked over frequent misuse, with the public questioning the use of private firearms in public.

In July, the National Gun Owners Association, NGAO-Kenya, requested the ministry to form a policy to regulate the number of guns licensed firearm owners can have.

Matiang’i further warned AU states against trafficking guns into Kenya and vowed that the government would be more ruthless to suspected foreign nations. 

“Kenya will no longer make concessions that hamper the war against the proliferation of illegal firearms in the region. Let us be truthful to each other, instead of hiding in the blanket of diplomacy. ” Matiang’i warned.