Ministry turns focus to Prisons as new Covid-19 high risk areas

Kenya prisons has been marked one of the risk areas in spreading the Coronavirus disease- By Meshack Makau

Dr. Rashid Aman, the Health CAS confirmed that the ministry in collaboration with county governments is closely monitoring the prisons by conducting frequent tests on the inmates.

“We are concerned about the prison environment. It is one of those high-risk areas that we have identified and are watching carefully and conducting targeted testing,” Health CAS Rashid Aman said.

The CAS also said that the MOH has provided all medical facilities within the prisons with Personal Protective Equipments and samples to test inmates.

The number of positive cases had reached 715 after the Ministry of Health confirmed 15 more cases yesterday. The 15 were from 978 samples tested.

Eight more people were declared negative, raising the total number of patients who have successfully undergone treatment and recovered to 259.

Seven cases were reported Mombasa, three from Migori, two from Wajir, and one each from Nairobi, Kiambu, and Machakos.

The ministry confirmed three more deaths, raising the total number of fatalities to 36. The three were in Mombasa, two had died at home and one in hospital.

42 inmates have been isolated for coming into contact with a coronavirus positive patient, according to the ministry of Health.

Aman further added that the ministry has since trained the prison department on how to sample the inmates while emphasizing on social distancing, washing hands, and general hygiene.


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