MOH Joins WHO in Developing Comprehensive Meningitis Elimination Plan

The Ministry of Health is creating a national eradication strategy in accordance with the World Health Organization’s worldwide strategy to eradicate meningitis by 2030 (DM2030).

Africa continues to have the greatest frequency of meningitis, a chronic problem in global healthcare during the past 20 years.

By 2030, the main objectives are to end bacterial meningitis outbreaks, lessen avoidable cases and fatalities, and improve the overall resilience of Kenya’s healthcare system.

The five pillars of prevention, diagnosis and treatment, surveillance, support and aftercare, advocacy, and participation make up the WHO’s Framework to Defeat Meningitis in Africa by 2030.

Significant advancements have already been made, such as the meningococcal (ACWYX) meningitis vaccine’s successful prequalification by the WHO.

This achievement represents a significant step in preventing the severe and crippling meningitis outbreaks that have repeatedly afflicted the region’s countries in the African meningitis belt.

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