More Pain At The Pump As Fuel Prices Rise To New Levels In Tanzania

Tanzanians will now be forced to dig deeper into their pockets after the government announced an increment in fuel prices largely affected by increasing export charges and higher rates in the global fuel market.

The Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (Ewura) has released fuel prices for the month of September, with prices skyrocketing across the board.

According to the latest price list, a litre of petrol in Dar es Salaam will be sold for Tsh.3213 (Ksh.183), up from Tsh.3199 (KSh182).

Diesel will sell at Tsh.3259 (Ksh.186) from Tsh.2935 (Ksh.167). 

The prices will also be determined by importation route, with those imported through the Tanga port going for Tsh.3259 from Tsh.3245. Petrol imported through the Mtwara port will sell at Tsh.3285 from Tsh.3271. 

The new prices are effective September 6, 2023. 

The new price list is the highest ever in Tanzania, and it comes a month after the prices were reviewed upwards by Ksh.27. 

EWURA Director General James Mwainyekule then said the dollar increase had been prompted by the shortage of petroleum products effecting a rise in cap prices thereby crippling importation costs into Tanzania.

“Changes in prices of petroleum products in August 2023 are mainly due to challenges in the availability of US Dollars and changes in the fuel levy, prices of petroleum products in the world market, and premiums in the importation of petroleum products,” Ewura stated as quoted by the Citizen.

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