Mwangi Wa Iria: I Will Be A CS In Raila Government

Mwangi wa Iria, the governor of Murang’a, claims that Raila Odinga recently made a ministerial pledge to him. 

Speaking on Friday, August 5, Wa Iria encouraged the people of Murang’a to support Raila in order for the promise to be kept.

“If you don’t elect Baba, I wont be a minister. I am done and I will go with all that I have done for you and the others I am planning to do.

“Why would you terrorize me Murang’a people?” He posed.

At the same time, the two-term governor said Raila also promised to revive and fund milk processing plants in Murang’a. 

“I am asking the milk farmers in Muranga and Central Kenya to listen to me and support me.

“When we had a sitting with Raila, we agreed our milk company will be getting funding like KCC.

“Even when he was Muranga he echoed that, so that we can make butter and other products and also grow,” he stated.

He reiterated that for all the promises to come to fruition, Mount Kenya should vote for Raila to the man.

“For these things, I must have a position in the government for me to deliver.

“Raila has promised me a position. I will be a minister in Raila Odinga’s government. Please on 9th vote for me by voting Raila,” he added.

Wa Iria shelved his presidential bid last month and joined Raila’s Azimio camp.