My arrest has triggered return of Buruburu cartels — Sonko Warns

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko | PHOTO COURTESY

Embattled Nairobi Governor has issued a warning to ‘land grabbing’ cartels who are taking advantage of his absence.

In an update to his Facebook fans, the governor who is under investigation over corruption claims, Mike Sonko noted that the said cartels behind the eviction of a church in Buruburu.

“—- today Friday 13th December 2019, LANDMARK PROPERTIES INTERNATIONAL LTD purported to go to mislead the BUSINESS RENT TRIBUNAL by suing the Tenants of GLAD TIDINGS CRUSADE which is the confirmed owner of the land and obtained orders which simply looks funny. The funny thing is LANDMARK is described in the Tribunal Order as APPLICANT/TENANT. ” said Mike Sonko in a facebook post.

He went on to put them on notice, alongside another case in South C.

” Let me put these cartels on notice because I am told that immediately I was put in even the land grabber of the South C Akiba Estate Playground is trying to excavate the remaining land day and night. We are as vigilant as ever and shall NOT let you take what belongs to Nairobi Residents and we shall continue to repossess and return the public property that has been stolen back to wananchi by all means. ” concluded the governor.

The embattled Nairobi County governor is out on a 15 Million shilling bail.

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