Nairobi Residents Set To Pay More For Water

City residents and institutions will soon start paying more for a unit of water should proposed new water tariffs by the Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company be implemented as is.

Domestic and residential consumers with consumption between one and six units (one unit equals 1,000 litres) will pay Sh45 per unit of water, an increase from the current Sh34.

Sewerage, which will be charged at 75% of the volume of water billed, will be Sh43 per unit.

Those consuming seven to twenty units will pay Sh67 for water and Sh56 for sewerage, while those consuming 21 to 50 units will pay Sh70 for water and Sh63 for sewerage. Those who consume between 51 and 100 units will pay a water tariff of Sh76 per unit and a sewer tariff of Sh65.

Two new bands have been added to the new proposals, which will be in effect for the next three years. The tariff for units 101 to 300 will be Sh78 per unit of water and Sh68 for sewerage, while consumption above 300 units will be Sh80 per unit and Sh72 for sewerage.

To help low-income customers, the tariff for water kiosks will only be raised by Sh2, from Sh20 to Sh22 per unit. The price of bulk supplies will also rise from Sh30 to Sh32 per unit.

Four new bands will apply to commercial, industrial, and government institutions. The lowest charge for water will be Sh67 per unit and Sh56 for sewer, while the highest charge for water will be Sh80 per unit and Sh72 for sewer.

Multi-dwelling units and gated communities will see their per unit costs rise from Sh53 to Sh67 for water and Sh56 for sewer, up from Sh53 now.

Water tariffs for educational institutions have remained largely unchanged, despite the addition of new bands.

On Friday, the proposals were subjected to public comment, with stakeholders challenging the utility firm to seal water leaks and improve coverage in order to justify any increases. The Kenya Alliance of Residents Association (Kara) argued that the tariff review would make water unaffordable.

“The proposed tariff review is ill-timed and quite steep … and insensitive to the current economic hardships,” said Kara’s Omiti Odhiambo.

However, the utility’s CEO, Mr Nahashon Muguna, defended the proposed tariff, claiming that rising inflation has harmed service delivery, necessitating the review.

Residents have until August 8 to express their opinions.