Nairobi’s Jevanjee, Old Ngara estates to be demolished for the construction of 3,000 apartments

Proposed highrise apartments in Ngara estate

Houses at Jevanjee and Bachelors estate are set to be demolished to pave way for the construction of 3,000 housing units in the next two years.

The existing tenants in the estates will receive Ksh.600,000 each for alternative accommodation to allow for construction of the news units.

Nairobi county has confirmed that cheques will be ready next week when partnership agreements will be signed, including a tenant purchase agreement for the new apartments.

Each tenant will receive a three-bed-roomed house worth Ksh.3million repayable in the next 30years. The county government said the this in line with the agenda of creating affordable housing in the city.

In the agreement each tenant will be a priority when the new houses will be allocated to new tenants where each will pay a negotiated Ksh.8, 000 monthly rent within the next 30 years.

So far the tenants have been issued with a 30-day vacation notice to allow contractors to launch the construction as soon as possible.