Namibia puts 170 elephants on sale to combat draught

Namibia has resorted to auction off 170 “high value” elephants to in a bid to safeguard citizens from the intense Human wildlife conflight in the prevailing drought. -By Gerald Gekara and news agencies.

“Due to drought and an increase in elephant numbers, coupled with human-elephant conflict incidents, a need has been identified to reduce these populations,” an advert on state-owned New Era newspaper on Wednesday noted.

The advert also invited tender offers with specific requirements, including meeting international standards and a permit for exporting the animals where required. Interested parties have up to January 29 to make the offer.

Last year, the country authorised the sale of at least 1,000 wild animals that were at risk of dying of starvation as pastures in the country’s parks dried up.

The animals that were up for sale included elephants, buffaloes, giraffes and impala, and were also meant to generate $1.1 million (£820,000) for conservation.