NEMA Calls For Enforcement Of Sustainable Waste Management Law

    The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) has urged all Kenyan stakeholders to work together to combat environmental degradation and promote sustainable waste management practices.

    NEMA emphasized the necessity of cooperation in preserving the nation’s natural beauty and ecological balance in an announcement issued on August 30, 2023.

    The Sustainable Waste Management Act 2022 enforcement is central to NEMA’s demand since it represents a significant transformation in how producers, brand owners, importers, distributors, packers, refillers, and converters interact with the environment.

    ”It’s time to assume responsibility for the entire lifecycle of their products,” says NEMA to these essential parties.

    The Sustainable Waste Management Act broadens the concept of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), putting producers in charge of creating items and managing their environmental impact. This includes reducing pollution, minimizing environmental impact, and guaranteeing appropriate post-consumer disposal of items and packaging.

    The NEMA notice underlines the importance of this topic by requiring EPR plans to be filed within 60 days after August 30, 2023. This timely response demonstrates the authority’s commitment to addressing environmental issues immediately.

    Furthermore, NEMA has warned that it will not hesitate to restrict products and packaging that are harmful to the environment once they reach the post-consumer stage. This proactive posture illustrates NEMA’s determination to hold manufacturers accountable for their products’ entire lifecycle.

    According to NEMA, the EPR framework requires producers to submit complete plans that specify product breakdowns, scheme membership, expected quantities, tracking methods, collection places, awareness efforts, finances, and contracts with waste processors. This comprehensive strategy tries to instill in producers a sense of environmental responsibility.

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    NEMA’s call to action goes beyond compliance; it encourages manufacturers to embrace their duties as environmental stewards. This move is about more than just following legal responsibilities; it is about actively constructing a cleaner, greener Kenya.