Nurses demand action after COVID-19 deaths

KNUN Secretary-General Seth Panyako vowed to mobilize all nurses to paralyze activities if their demands are not met.

The National Nurses Association of Kenya (NNAK), other healthcare associations and the medical fraternity at large is mourning the demise of one of our member – Marian Awuor Adumbo – who passed away on 2nd August 2020 from COVID-19 complications leaving behind a baby boy who is slightly over a week old.

Our comrade, who was a dedicated nurse working at Rachuonyo Sub-County Hospital was admitted at Homabay County Hospital with flu-like symptoms in pregnancy, where she tested negative for COVID-19 a week ago.

She developed breathing complications and was transferred to Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital where another test was done and the result was positive for COVID-19.

Marian Awuor gave birth to a baby boy while still on critical care treatment on 27th July 2020 and unfortunately on 2nd August 2020, her condition worsened and sadly, she passed away.

We have lost another comrade who has left behind child who will never meet his mother and this is very unfortunate to the medical fraternity.

Sadly, in a span of five (5) months, we have lost three (3) nurses who dedicated their lives to fight the COVID-19 for the sake of our country. In respect and honor of;

  • Clifford Manyara Mburia – a 58-year old anesthetist who was working in Kitengela Medical Centre
  • Moses Gitonga Ringera, – 49 years old Clinical Nurse at the University of Nairobi Clinic
  • Marian Awuor -32 years Nurse from Rachuonyo County hospital

May the souls rest in eternal peace. May the Almighty God grant their families the strength and courage to overcome this difficult times. We will live to remember them as comrades, true heroes and heroine who fought the best for our country.

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Following this unfortunately incident, we reiterate our statement issued on 28th July 2020 over concerns of rising cases of COVID-19 among our healthcare workers.

We have realized that county governments are not prepared to handle COVID-19. Our demands are still not met and what we need is action and less words for the benefit of our healthcare workers and our people.

As National Nurses Association of Kenya (NNAK), we demand that both the national and county and national governments should move with speed to ensure that healthcare workers have the following before we soon wake up to find no one to take care of our brothers and sisters in our healthcare facilities.

We strongly demand for;

  • The provision of adequate and quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs)
  • Proper Training for all healthcare workers on managing COVID-19
  • Adequate psychosocial support to all the healthcare workers
  • Employment of more healthcare workers in all the 47 counties.
  • Payment of healthcare workers allowances in time.
  • Motivation to healthcare workers through enhanced risk allowance and special insurance support.

We should never put nurses and other health professionals in a situation where they are more worried of their health and the future of their siblings in case something adverse happens to them in their line of duty. Health workers should never beg for this if we are serious in their welfare and combating this disease.

That’s why other countries affected by COVID-19 have been more friendly to the healthcare workers by giving them tangible incentives, key amongst them – Enhanced Risk Allowance and Special Insurance package for the frontline warriors.

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As National Nurses Association of Kenya, we remain committed to advocating and lobbying for improved working environment for our members.

We would also like to appeal our members and the public to adhere to the key safety precautions of COVID-19 which include wearing a mask, washing hands and practicing social distancing.


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