UGANDA: Muslim Community Want ‘Dirty’ Nyege Nyege Banned

The Muslim community in Jinja City is calling for the cancellation of the annual social event Nyege Nyege.

According to the Community, the immorality displayed at the social gathering is reason enough to cancel it because it is contrary to Muslim ideals.
The annual celebration will take place on November 9th this year, and thousands of people are expected to attend.

According to the Daily Monitor, a daily newspaper in Uganda, the Jinja District Khadi, Sheikh Ismail Basoga Adi, emphasized the importance of canceling the event, despite the fact that many individuals profit from it. He claims that the incident is actively contributing to society’s degradation.

According to the newspaper, the Sheikh revealed this while speaking at a fundraiser for the Busoga Women Muslim Daawa and Development Association in Jinja.

“Previously, it was held in Buikwe District, but it will now take place in the city center.” I’m not sure why they chose Jinja City; perhaps people who have looked into what’s going on in Nyege Nyege can testify,” he continued.

The event has been met with opposition from a variety of Ugandans, including the Christian and Muslim communities.

Sam Lokodo, Uganda’s former minister of ethics, once attempted to prohibit it from ever taking place in the country.

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