Okiya Omtatah decries denial of speaking opportunity in Senate

Busia Senator Okiya Omtatah expressed frustration after being denied the opportunity to contribute during recent Senate sessions.

In a post on X, Omtatah raised concerns about not being allowed to speak on a motion regarding demonstrations in Kenya, despite having requested to do so since last week Wednesday.

“This morning, I was denied the chance to address the State of the Nation motion currently under debate in the Senate concerning demonstrations in Kenya. I had formally requested speaking time last Wednesday,” Omtatah stated.

According to the senator, this was not the first time where he faced such exclusion from speaking before the House.

Nominated Senator Crystal Asige also highlighted the issue of discrimination and expressed her dismay.

“We had agreed that no senator would be denied the opportunity to contribute, but today Omtatah was prevented from speaking on the State of the Nation motion about demonstrations in Kenya, despite having requested to do so. All of us were supposed to have the chance to speak,” Asige remarked.

Senators were discussing ongoing demonstrations initiated by youth across various parts of the country.

Omtatah has been an outspoken advocate for Gen Z, who has been critical of government policies and leadership.

The Senator and activist’s claims of being denied the opportunity to speak come shortly after Mumias East Member of Parliament Peter Salasya made similar allegations.

Salasya stated that first-term politicians were often barred from discussing critical issues, especially if their views on a bill or motion were controversial.