Opinion: Politics of Peace

By Meshack Makau

In public common knowledge, it is assumed that James Orengo ‘Speaks’ for Raila Odinga. It is also assumed that Murathe ‘Speaks’ for Uhuru Kenyatta. It can also be assumed that Johanna Ngeno and Oscar Sudi ‘Speaks’ for William Ruto.

If that is a ‘true’ assumption, then we are in trouble as a country. The words of Oscar Sudi will get a rebuttal from like minded in Uhurus Camp. Slowly the conversation will change from William Ruto to ‘WE’ the Kalenjin and from Uhuru Kenyatta to ‘WE’ the Kikuyu.

The goal is to create a siege mentality as we approach 2022 elections. It is easy to lure Kenyans to vote by playing victim and showing the a common enemy.

The script is clear and the PEACE actors are quite: WHY?, Because they too have a TRIBE.