Over 200 rockets launched at Israel since the killing of Islamic Jihad commander

Smoke rises following an Israeli air strike in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip November 12-2019.

New Israeli airstrikes killed four more militants in Gaza, Palestinian officials announced on Wednesday, DW Reports.

Militants responded with continued rocket fire into Israeli territory after a brief overnight lull, with about 250 rockets being launched, according to the Israeli military. 

The death toll now stands at 16 in the past two days. Nearly all the casualties were member of Islamic Jihad. 

The Iran-backed group said the assassination of its leader on Tuesday was a “declaration of war.” Hamas has so far avoided joining the fighting and Israel has kept its operations targeted at Islamic Jihad. 

Israel’s ambulance authorities said it had treated 46 people for injuries related to the rockets.

Egypt, which often acts as an intermediary between Gaza and Israel is again working to de-escalate tensions , according to officials in Cairo.

  • DW
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