Owalo Launches Free Internet in Ahero, Kisumu County

Written By Vanessa Kariuki || 

At Ahero Market in Kisumu County, Cabinet Secretary for Information, Communication, and Digital Economy EliudOwalo launched the GOK free public hotspot.

The activity is a component of Kenyans continuing to receive nationwide Internet connectivity in accordance with the Kenya Kwanza Development PLAN.

“We recognize that we are living in very fast changing times. The world is going through the Fourth Industrial Revolution. And revolutions don’t wait for anybody.Another two decades from now, it will be very difficult to recognize the world as we have known it in recent times,” said Owalo.

He added, “It is already difficult to believe that sending a letter from Ahero to Mombasa used to take as long as a 7-to-10 days,and even two weeks. It would take another two weeks to get replies, if the person wrote back immediately.”

Additionally, he claimed that we had already passed the era of public phone booths and even the Simu Ya Jamii at the beginning of the 2000s, the landline phone, the telefax, and the typewriter. That there is no more cyclostyle. Nobody will remember those whom use the internet platform.

Owalo finished by noting that the GOK has taken the initiative to offer 25,000 hotspots to the general population at the bottom of the pyramid because they must participate in our developing digital economy.