Parklands Residents Sue Developer Over Illegal Flat

Written By John Mutiso 📝 

Residents in Parklands have sued a private developer forbuilding high rise residential apartments

Residents of City Park Estate in Parklands have filed a lawsuit against a private developer who is building high rise residential apartments in their neighborhood without permission.

David Njeru Ndambiri filed an application at the National Environment Tribunal on behalf of the residents claiming that the construction of the 11-story apartments is a disaster that will cause health and security issues in their affluent neighborhood.

The residents claim that despite a court order prohibiting Sustainable Development Solutions Limited, Ameey Homes Limited, and Koch Construction Limited from proceeding with the construction, the private developers have proceeded with the project in defiance of the order.

“The private developers are continuing with the building in total breach of environmental hazards raised by the residents,” said Ndambiri.

Ndambiri also told the tribunal that the residential apartments are being built in an area without a sewer line, which means they will discharge their waste into the nearby Nairobi River, putting many people’s lives in danger.

“They are unable to construct a private sewer line which violates the rights of members of the public to a clean and healthy environment,” he said.

Nema approved the construction of the 11-story residential apartments in December 2020, which will have three and four-bedroom apartments as well as other amenities

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