Police Launch Manhunt For 6 Children Who Staged Jailbreak

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) in Kenya on Tuesday, 12 September, launched a manhunt for six children who broke out of state custody at the Malindi Children’s Remand Centre in Kilifi County.

In a statement conveyed to news outlets by the National Police Service Spokesperson, Dr. Resila Onyango, it was revealed that the six minors had been remanded at the facility before their daring escape.

The incident occurred late at night on Monday, a time when the youngsters were supposed to be asleep in their dormitories.

According to official police reports, the six minors staged their escape under the cover of darkness. It is not known how the details and planning were done.

“The escape occurred between midnight and half past midnight, while at Malindi Children’s Remand Centre, which is under the Department of Children Services,” the police statement reads in part.

What is known however is that the young detainees ingeniously broke through the ceiling of one of the dormitories. They again broke through the roof of the dormitory before scaling the perimeter fence and into freedom.

“Police officers from the station visited the scene and established that the juveniles broke the ceiling and roof from the inside of one of their dormitories and jumped over the fence,” the police statement further disclosed.

File photo of Malindi Law Courts
The six children had been transferred from various police stations within Kilifi County, awaiting to be presented before the Malindi Magistrate Criminal Court.

One of the children who had been held at Malindi Police Station was due to be arraigned on charges of threatening peace. The second minor, initially held at Vitengeni Police Station was facing stock theft charges.

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The third minor was facing charges of causing grievous harm, while the fourth was to be charged with robbery with violence. Both of them had also been transferred from Malindi Police Station.

The fifth child was facing allegations of stealing and had been transferred from Kijipwa Police Station.

Meanwhile, the last child, who hailed from Kilifi Police Station, was awaiting trial for the offense of burglary.

Law enforcement agencies are now reaching out to the public, urging anyone with information that could aid in locating and apprehending these escaped minors to come forward and share it with them.