Police Overwhelmed By Protesters in Mlolongo, Nakuru

    Police officers in Nakuru were forced to retreat after they were overwhelmed by Azimio protesters in Shabab, Nakuru West.

    The protests against the high cost of living were infiltrated by suspected members of criminal gangs also protesting the arrest of their 12 peers on Tuesday leading to a clash that lasted for hours.

    Nakuru County Police Commander Samuel Ndanyi said that three suspects were arrested, one of them armed with a dagger with which he attempted to stab the arresting officer.

    A similar case was witnessed in Mlolongo where a huge crowd of protesters vandalised the Nairobi Expressway as police officers retreated at one point.

    The metallic fence separating lanes was pulled down, and the angry mob destroyed the flowers.

    As of Wednesday, 12:45 pm, access to Nairobi from Mombasa Road was cut off at Mlolongo due to protests in the area.