During an interview with Jalas Maina told his that politics is the fastest way one will get broke, Jalas intends to vie for an MPseat for the Langat ‘a constituency come 2022.

“You need to be on a big party ticket which limits your thinking because you have to follow the thinking of the party leader.

“Thinkers come from running as independents or coming from small parties because it their ideas and ideologies that people buy into.” said Maina.

He further advised him if he chose to join either Jubilee or ODM he will be forced to follow to the thinking of the party leaders and if he dares do anything outside the party he will be termed as the bad guy.

He went on to give examples of media personalities who ventured into politics with the same idea but they had to ensure they fit in for their political survival.

“If you stand as jalango you will be elected but there is this need to belong to a certain party and that is the end of logical thinking.”

“Langata is a very urban constituency you can do it ,run as an independent I will give you money and I will be at your rallies ,if the changes you have made are anything to go buy you will do well I will support you and endorse you.”

He went on to give an example of how Oprah Winfrey endorsed Barrack Obama propelling him to the US presidency.