President Ruto Expresses Kenya’s Solidarity With Libya After Devastating Floods

    President William Ruto has expressed solidarity with the people of Libya in the wake of devastating floods that have left at least 2,300 people dead.

    Approximately 10,000 individuals remain unaccounted for, and authorities fear that the death toll may rise.

    “Our solidarity with the people of Libya in the face of devastating floods that have led to loss of lives and destruction of property. Kenya stands with you,” President Ruto stated in a tweet addressed to the people of Libya.

    Rescue efforts are ongoing as streets across the country remain submerged in debris and mud. Heavy rains in Libya have triggered massive flooding, leading to extensive road closures and vehicles being submerged in water.

    The significant rainfall witnessed in many parts of the eastern regions of the country prompted authorities to issue warnings, including the closure of schools.

    Bodies recovered from a devastating flood which wiped out parts of the port city of Derna in eastern Libya have been buried in mass graves.

    At least 2,300 people died when a tsunami-like river of floodwater swept through Derna on Sunday after a dam burst during Storm Daniel.

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