President Ruto Lauds Uhuru For Facilitating Peace Talks in DRC

President William Ruto has praised his predecessor, Uhuru Kenyatta, for his role as the East African Community (EAC) facilitator of peace talks in the DRC conflict.

President Ruto lauded the Head of State in his speech for bridging the political divide before the August elections and fostering peace between the two regimes.

He stated that he approached the former President immediately after the elections and asked him to remain as a peace envoy for the DRC talks, to which he agreed.

“You may wish to know that my predecessor, President Uhuru Kenyatta here, and myself were on different sides of the political contest two months ago and the competition was stiff. After the elections, I met his excellency the president, looked at him in the eye and I told him, ‘Mr President, you have started a very important process in the EAC and I would like you to continue that process,’ and he told me he was ready to do it despite all that had gone on.

“Because of the interest of our nation, region, continent and because peace was important to Kenya and DRC and our region, Kenyatta has done a wonderful job as he facilitates this process because we value peace,” stated Ruto.

President Ruto and his predecessor were both at the opening of the third Inter-Congolese Consultations of the Nairobi Peace Process on Monday.

It was their first public meeting since Ruto’s inauguration.

The event held on Monday at Safari Park also brought together other regional leaders who discussed peace.