President Ruto Sacks Uhuru Appointee, Appoints Ex-MP Moses Wekesa

    President William Ruto has appointed Moses Wekesa, a former Bumula MP, as the Chairperson of the Non-Governmental Organisation Coordination Board.

    According to the Gazette Notice, Ruto revoked the appointment of Gichira Kibaara, who served on the same board Wekesa has been appointed to during the Uhuru Kenyatta administration.

    Wekesa’s appointment as Chairperson of the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) was also revoked. He had been in the position for seven months.

    Wekesa will be the chair of the NGO board for three years.

    Moses Njenga Chege, on the other hand, took over as IRA chairperson in place of Wekesa.

    Uhuru appointed Kibaara to chair the board in 2018, and he was reappointed in 2021.

    His appointment came at a time when Uhuru made changes to the chairs of over 30 state corporations.

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