President Ruto To South Korea Parliament: Fix Trade Imbalance Through Legislation

President William Ruto has urged the South Korean Parliament to pass legislation that will ease trade between Kenya and South Korea.

Kenya, President Ruto added, wants to increase tea, avocado and coffee exports to South Korea to match tech imports to Kenya.

The President observed that the current tariffs on Kenyan products impede trade and asked Parliament to reduce them.

He said: “The imbalance of trade favours Korea and Parliament can be instrumental in addressing this situation.”

President Ruto made the remarks at the Parliament building in Seoul, South Korea, when he held talks with speaker Kim Jin Pyo

President Ruto said Kenya will work closely with the Korean Government to enhance clean energy to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Speaker Kim Jin Pyo pledged to support Kenya’s quest to increase agricultural exports to South Korea and secure job opportunities for Kenyans.

He said: “On employment opportunities, I will hold discussions with the Ministry of Labour and see how this can be enhanced for Kenyans.”