The proposed new constituencies in Kilifi County could have been the reason all of the seven MPs except Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa voted for the constitutional amendment on Thursday evening. 

Six MPs from Kilifi County led by the Coast Parliamentary Group(CPG) secretary Teddy Mwambire voted for ‘Yes’ to the amendment , paving way for the document to be retuned back to Kenyans for referendum. 

Other Kilifi MPs who voted for the document included Paul Katana (Kaloleni), Owen Baya(Kilifi North), William Kamoti(Rabai), Michael Kingi(Magarini), and Ken Chonga(Kilifi South). 

Malindi MP through a virtual message said she would not vote for a bloated parliament that will end up in drying the Kenyan coffers their hard-earned cash through salaries and other goodies for the lawmakers. 

“I will not vote for a document that will increase a wage bill and infringe on the on already hard-hit Kenyans by the dwindling economy. For that reason, I vote a big no on behalf of the people of Malindi,” she said in a virtual communication to the assembly. 

Speaking in a a phone interview with Uzalendo News, Mr Mwambire said the amendment will be a game changer to the Kenyan people because of its goodies. 

He said the misconception that the document is another heavy burden for Kenyans is not true since it will open up more opportunities for both social and economic development of the country. 

“Let those spreading lies about the BBI constitutional amendment understand that they are doing a big disfavor to Kenyans because those amendments will bring a sigh of relief to Kenyans,” he said. 

A political commentator Kazungu Katana said by voting yes to the document, Kilifi MPs saw the opportunities that will be created by those amendments. 

“Let’s face it here that Kilifi is going to get more constituencies which means that a closer governance structure to the communities. That is how countries around the world develop. So, with that in mind and with the truth that the document has already been given nod by the people in counties, there was no time to reject it,” Mr Katana told “Uzalendo News”. 

Mr Baya and Mr Katana and Ms Jumwa are perceived to be close allies of Deputy President William Ruto.