Raila: We Have No Plans To Storm State House

Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition party leader Raila Odinga has called off plans to storm State House Nairobi with his supporters on Monday.

In a Saturday interview, Odinga stated that the demonstrations would be peaceful and that just a small number of coalition members would present the coalition’s memorandum to the State House or Harambee House, depending on where the President would be.

He claimed that the alliance had officially informed the police, through the former governor of Kakamega, Wycliffe Oparanya, of their plans to stage protests throughout the nation.

“Wycliffe Oparanya wrote to the Inspector General of Police informing him that we would hold a rally. Those who will be able to come to Nairobi will come to Nairobi and those unable will hold their meetings wherever they will be,” he said.

“It will be peaceful protests and they have the memorandum which they will take to different government offices. Here in Nairobi, we also have the memos which we are going to take to the President. If he will be in Harambee House, we will take the memos there; if he will be in State House; we will send people to take it there; not the crowd. We will send a message through a few people to take our petition to the President; not the whole crowd,” he added.

Raila also denied rumors that he intended to break the law or create havoc at the State House.

“We are not going there as invaders or intruders. We are going there as citizens who have a right to express our views and grievances,” he said.

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It was not immediately established who the representatives to State House would be, Odinga said the party’s committee would make the decision. 

“We will send a message through a few people to take our petition to the President. I don’t know if I will be part of the team but if I’m picked by the party members, I will go.”

If denied entry, the opposition leader said the representatives will leave their message to the Head of State at the State House or his Harambee House office entrance. 

“State House is a public institution where you can go any time, it is not private. We will send people to deliver the letter. If they are allowed to enter, they will enter. If not, they will leave it at the gate.”